Our swing riding picks

What a wild and crazy week it’s been for the polls in the final week. Our team has been constantly reviewing polling data from Project Democracy , ThreeHundredEight and Democratic Space as well as funding local polling work by Project Democracy to try and make the best choices in those tight races. In the end, some guesses will be right, some won’t. This isn’t exact science, and why real vote reform would be oh so much nicer than putting in the hundreds of hours our volunteer crew has spent over this past month for a partial fix.

Besides polls, we ranked the list as follows, based on our goals:

  1. Supports Goal #1: Close race involving a Conservative, sorted by closeness (regardless of who is leading). For these ridings, swap votes for the leading non-Conservative candidate.
  2. Supports Goal #2: Swap votes for Elizabeth May’s riding (this will be easily done, since there are so many Green voters outside her riding available).
  3. Supports Goal #3: Close two-way or three-way race not involving a Conservative, sorted by closeness (regardless of who is leading). All parties in the close race will receive swapped votes, if available. For example, in a Bloc-Liberal-NDP close race, Pair Vote will try to swap votes for the Bloc, Liberal and NDP.

Here is our list, in order of swap priority. This means we will match as many voters as we can for the party, then move to the next one on the list. Let us know what you think in the comments.