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Elizabeth May urges strategic voting

25 September, 2008 (11:11) | Buzz , Election Reform , Pair Vote | By: gerrykirk

Holy cow. In Elizabeth May’s words:
“I’d rather have no Green seats and Stephen Harper lose, than a full caucus that stares across the floor at Stephen Harper as prime minister, because his policies are too dangerous,” she said.
So determined is May to keep Harper from power she also told the Star she wants Liberal Leader [...]

Pair Vote goes on media tour

18 September, 2008 (19:49) | Buzz , Election Reform , Pair Vote | By: gerrykirk

It seems pair voting is now one of the hot stories at this point in the election. I’ve gotten over a dozen requests for interviews over the past week,
Pair vote tour, coming to a town near you:

Sudbury. Interview with CBC Radio One Sudbury tomorrow (Friday Sept 19) at 7:15 am. I’ll be explaining how pair [...]

Elections Canada confirms online vote swapping legal

17 September, 2008 (22:43) | Buzz , Pair Vote | By: gerrykirk

Nice to see Elections Canada finally made a decision on vote swapping.. Now no one needs to worry about legal issues. EC is right in pointing out that there is some risk involved - there is no guarantee that the person you pair with will carry out the vote swap. But, when your vote in [...]