Pair Vote site helps empower your ballot with vote swapping

Non-partisan, volunteer-run effort aims to highlight failings of our electoral system, provide a positive alternative for frustrated voters

APRIL 11, 2011 — Pair Vote ( ) and other vote-swapping mechanisms were used by about 6000 voters in the 2008 federal election and likely had an impact on the outcomes of two contested federal ridings. Since the call for electoral reform grows ever-louder in Canada and is still being ignored by our leaders, Pair Vote is returning in 2011 with a goal of empowering twice as many voters and having a larger, measurable impact in the 41st federal election.

Vote swapping is an entirely legal mechanism whereby voters from different ridings agree to voluntarily “trade” votes in order to help get their preferred party represented in Parliament. It empowers voters by allowing them to ensure that a ballot is cast FOR their preferred party, which is a welcome alternative to strategic voting or voting against the party you fear most.

Details of who makes an excellent vote-swap candidate, how the systems works, online registration for interested vote-swappers, an FAQ, and voter testimonials are all available at

Pair Vote is a volunteer-run organization with no party affiliation. Its core members believe the time has come for electoral reform and that some element of proportional representation is desperately needed in Canada. Until such reform becomes a reality, however, vote swapping is an elegant and empowering alternative.

Pair Vote volunteers and participants are eager to share the benefits of vote swapping with Canadians, and welcome inquiries from the media on the rationale, trustworthiness, and potential impact of our campaign.

Media contacts:
Gerry Kirk
[email protected]

Craig Hubley
[email protected] (preferred contact)

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