Ok Ontario, let’s kick some electoral ass

With over 25% of ridings too close to call, and two parties running neck-and-neck in the polls, sending your preferred vote to another riding may matter more than ever. Use vote swapping when your vote won’t count locally to make a difference .

Pair Vote priorities

Our overall priority is to counteract the distorted results of the current voting system. Since no party threatens to win a false majority, Pair Vote will try to match up voters from all parties to increase the odds of their vote counting. We’d love to help the Green party win their first seat this time, just like we helped Elizabeth May win hers in the last federal election.

Registration closed – sign up for updates

Registration for the Ontario election is now closed. If you’d like to still swap with someone, head over to the Swap Exchange .

Sign up to be notified when Pair Vote is available for a federal / provincial election. We’ve got big plans for the federal election, with a totally revamped vote swap system. Our aim – 50,000 votes swapped to change a false majority into what people actually asked for.